Book: What we need not to ignore about religion

Allah the almighty said in Surat Al-Nisaa, verse 31

If you avoid the major sins which you are forbidden, we will remove from you your lesser sins and admit you to a noble entrance [into Paradise].

Allah the almighty helped us to make this booklet as a guide for the believer in the subject of what we have to know about our religion.

This guide summarizes some of the weekly preaching I gave at the mosque on wednesday evenings. It contains four chapters of five preaching summed up to twenty.

  1. The first chapter concerns the five pillars of Islam: Faith, prayer, Zakat, fasting and pilgrimage.
  2. The second chapter concerns fundamental rights: Parental rights, spouses rights, children’s rights, rights of relatives, orphans and neighbors and funeral rights.
  3. The third chapter deals with transactions: The lawful gain, the calamity of the wear, ethics of the debt, the better spending, the mediation and reparation.
  4. The fourth chapter concerns the major temptations: Satan ones, passion ones, lies calamity and network conflicts.
Note: It should be noted that recordings are available in Arabic and sooner in foreign languages.


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